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DEVOTIONAL:             A New Song

Once again I was listening to Christian radio. I heard a pastor bring up Scripture:

Revelation 5:9

            And they all sang a new song to the Lamb:

            “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals,
because you were killed, and with the blood of your death

            you bought people for God
from every tribe, language, people, and nation.

It reminded me of that song, “All The Nations”, that was in my open-ended wish-list of songs to hula to.  All The Nations would also be fitting to a special program that Susan, Mary and I were thinking of doing:  Learn different dances for our next fundraiser.  For example, learn a Japanese style dance, a Native American dance, a Latin dance, etc. along with our traditional dance of choice ~ Polynesian style.  Anyway, in the song, All The Nations ~ it mentions that all the nations, every tribe, belong to God.

From the Christian radio program though, what I got out of that was… this new song the people were singing about, was not just another same ol’ same ol’ song of worship or praise, etc.  It was a different and much more special song.  In fact, only the people that went through hardships, pain, struggles, conflict back then, can truly sing that song, because they gone through so much and Jesus has gone through so much for them and have redeemed them that nothing compares to the joy that caused them to sing a new song.

What the pastor preaching also added was that sometimes we whine and complain to others about our pains, hurts and struggles.  And yes, we need to share our burdens and let out frustrations and vent.  At the same time, we have to watch out and not overdo it.  Not only that, our audience can encourage and comfort us but they have to watch out also because if we over-dramatize our challenges and situations and expecting others to empathize and sympathize, it’s also a mixed message that we are not trusting God in our woes, sorrows, or hard times.  A better solution would be to share your burdens but also encourage yourself and your audience back with…singing a NEW SONG.  The hope, peace, and love of Jesus doesn’t change just because our circumstances change. Jesus isn’t absent just because things don’t turn out the way we wanted it to.  We have to accept God’s will and God’s ways in our lives, because He knows best.

I’m singing a new song to thank you, ohana, for your prayers and concern for my mom, who is in hospice.  And as I dance for a friend’s funeral this Saturday, I’m figuring out that one of the purposes of funerals and loss of our loved ones is to remind us of our own mortality and how important it is that we and our loved ones know Jesus and accepts Him as our personal Savior, who suffered for us, just so we can sing a NEW SONG.  Life on earth is but a fleeting moment. Life is too short not to sing a new song, no matter what’s going on.  God is STILL good.  God is ALWAYS good.


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