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Devotional: Amazing Grace


On February 2, I will be dancing worship hula at a memorial service for a lady named Jean Smith.  Jean helped me as a volunteer at the church office.  She loved the Lord, music, and dance. 

 I told her about worship hula and she’s seen me at a church event but she had wanted to see one of our events outside the church.  So I got her a ticket to one of our fundraisers last year.  Unfortunately, Jean was not feeling well that night of our event and she was not able to attend.

 Sadly, she passed away January 6.  I wanted to do a tribute to Jean through dance at her memorial service.  Even though she didn’t see our hula event, perhaps she will be looking down from Heaven and see me hula to Amazing Grace, in her memory.

 This reminds me how little time we have left in this world and in this life.  And how many times we put off doing things for our loved ones, before it’s too late to show much we love and appreciate them. 

 I always wondered why we bring flowers at someone’s funeral but the deceased will not be able to see them.  It’s actually for our own sake and to show our respects.  Why not show our love when they were alive?  We need to bring them flowers when they can see them and feel your love right there and then.  (I know some of us do that already so good job!)

 I’ll segue to the (Spring/Easter) Scripture theme of the Revolution Ministry that I help out in.

  Romans 5:8 goes: But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

 In a way, this kinda also shows my point that if we wait too long, things may not get done at all or we might not be able to or we might not have time left to do them. 

 God loved us and saved us, even when were still sinners.  He did not wait for us to be perfect and do better.  He loved us and wanted to come to Him just as we were ~ with warts and all, with weaknesses, failures, disobedience, brokenness, and unloveable selves.  If He had waited for perfect conditions, we would have never been saved at all.  And if He had waited to rely on our trying to be perfect, we wouldn’t be able to be perfect.  We all fall short of the glory of God.  There is only One who is perfect: Jesus.  Thus, that’s who Father God sent to solve our problems, sins, and to give us salvation.  He sent His own Son to help us.

 That’s what I call….God’s Amazing Grace. 


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